Old London vs. New London

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.48.10 PM

When I’m not sailing aboard the Charles W. Morgan, I am exploring the ports. This week I visited the Lyman Allyn Museum and the New London County Historical Society. I’ve learned a lot about the city’s rich whaling industry and naval history. The port of New London holds the record for the longest and most successful whaling voyages, and at one time ranked second only to New Bedford, MA. I also learned that much of New London was nearly destroyed by Benedict Arnold during the Battle of Groton Heights. In 1781 Arnold stood atop an old burial ground overlooking the harbor and watched New London burn.

Today New London is a diverse, multicultural community set amongst historical landmarks and architecture. I think the best way to demonstrate the mix of the old and the new is through this video. Although I am not the most polished historian,  I’ll definitely take you on a wild GLIDE.